Apparently I have a blog and didna realize it!

Now, what would I need or do with a blog.   What would I talk about.  My life consists of home and doc office/hospitals…..and those who know me know all about that already.    My favorite pasttime is reading…..anything with a romance.  I have a particular fondness for m/m romance of every genre….even scifi, which I never thought I would read.

So, here is the question……Should I have a blog?  or should I not?     and if so, what on earth should I blog about?

Questions, questions, questions……any suggestions?

the jo


34 Responses to “Apparently I have a blog and didna realize it!”

  1. silver pixies Says:

    Jo Jo a blog might not be a bad idea you can read more people about your health your thoughts or your favorite writers… I have a blog here i forgot about as well as my one at Blogger…. I’d follow you *winks*


  2. Max Says:

    You should blog about anything that comes to mind. 🙂 I’ll read your blog, Jo-san.


  3. jennifer mathis Says:

    you can blog about anything . I would read it 😉

  4. Ro Says:

    Blog your current thoughts, your favorite book at the moment, anything that strikes your fancy! I’m always interested in your observations. *g*

  5. Perpetua Says:

    YES!! We need more Jo!!

  6. Perpetua Says:

    Oh oh how do I stalk you here?

  7. nancyg5997 Says:

    I keep forgetting I have a blog here at WordPress-I spend so much time on my blogger one, I keep neglecting the other one. You can blog about anything jo, or just use it to blow off steam when things drive you nuts. Give referrals to books you’ve read that you think others would like, tell folks how you are.

    • readmorromance Says:

      I will try to keep up with it….I sorta thought about making it like a diary of what I am going thru but I dont want it to sound like a place where someone is whining and complaining….

  8. Willa Okati Says:

    What everyone else says! 🙂 Heck, I need to get on the stick and start blogging myself. But I’ll sure be here to read yours.

    • readmorromance Says:

      thanks Willa darlin! I am gonna try to keep up with it….I have some things that have happened since Friday, healthwise, that I would like to get off my chest. I see the doc tomorrow and hopefully wont be sentenced to the hospital…..Positive thoughts only! hugs, jo

  9. Norma Nielsen Says:

    You can bloody help me find that book that I still haven’t come across again… it is still driving me nuts but I got sidetracked by Cattle Valley…

    • readmorromance Says:

      OKAY! but you’ll hafta tell me again what you remember about it…..I have had so much going on the last three days its lucky I remember my own name. hugs, mike no wait a minute its jo, right?

  10. Lisa Alexander-Griffin Says:

    Hi, Jo! You’re so upbeat and enthusiastic, even with all the health issues you face. You love books! You love life! That’s two things already that you can blog about. Good luck, hon. I’d read your posts. 🙂 ((hugs))

  11. ElaineG Says:

    Do it Jo….I love hearing what you have to say no matter what it’s about ;)….

  12. nikita Says:

    I think you should go a blog, I think you will be good at it

  13. Martha Says:

    I think a blog would be a good idea. You always make me feel so much better after you write in to Carol’s website.

  14. flchen1 Says:

    Jo, I’d totally follow you and read your posts! You’re a gem! As others have suggested, just post whatever’s on your mind or what’s new with you or what books you’ve read lately… you have an eager audience 😉

  15. Teresa Says:

    Hi Jo,

    Glad to be hearing from you. You keep up your spirits! I will be
    thinking about you.

  16. Pomma Says:

    So cool! I am told by my daughter who designed a website for me that everyone should have a page to share what they love the most with those who have the same interest.
    So of course i’ll visit yours more often…lol
    You make me laugh, and your a joy to chat with !


  17. Lisabet Sarai Says:

    Jo – I heartily agree with the previous comments. Your posts on Yahoo are so entertaining. Why not expand to the blogosphere.

    Given all the books you read, I think that would be a great topic. Thumbs up, thumbs down, what you’d like to read that you can’t find…

    Do it!

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