Books I have read recently that left me feelin good!

I have been doin alotta rereadin….even though my TBR pile/list is 20 million miles high/long….*grin*   So, I decided to start whittling down the pile..HAHA!   Just read  Kim Dare’s DUCK!…luv’d it…made me boohoo somethin fierce but then Kim made it alright.  *grin*  Also, read Binding Santos by Charlie Richards….a demon and a gargoyle mate…it was HAWT! and a good short read…luv’d it! (oh and Perp, no BDSM so you are okay to read it).  Finally, got all the Symbiotic Mates books, that there are so far, read…they were wonderful….luv when Vamps and Weres get together…!  oh, and Solomon’s Pride Bks 1&2 were dee-lish…Ms Hawkes sure knows how to write bad guys…her bad guy vamps scare the crap outta me whenever they enter the room….Great reads!  and I am now reading Scarlet Hyacinth’s Spirit Wolves books…1&2 read…who doesn’t luv an m/m/m romance and throw in shifters….WOW!     I am a lousy reviewer but you cant go wrong with any of the above reads.  If you haven’t already read them that is!

Okay!  that’s enough for now…..BTW  I am doin fine….hair is cut very short and I have lost some weight…which doesn’t hurt….I just hate the diet program…hahahaha!  Still feelin so tired that I wanna sleep all day but I have been told that is “normal.”  Glad somethin in my life is normal…*snicker, snort*

Next time more reads….and we’ll chat a little more about what I am feelin with all that is goin on!  Betcha cant wait! *grin*  oh well, it helps me by writing it all out….

G’dnight my darlins!

Luv & hugs,   jo


4 Responses to “Books I have read recently that left me feelin good!”

  1. Susan C. Says:

    Hey there Jo! I’m glad you liked Duck! That’s one of my most favorite books – love those twisted fairy tales and Kim is a pretty awesome author. Good to hear that you are hanging in there, I’ve got my fingers crossed that you will have a wonderful Christmas. Luv you!

    • readmorromance Says:

      Oh I luv’d it! Ori was a beautiful character…so beautiful and strong in his submission….*sigh* I also, hadta read Kim’s other “fairytale” With a Kiss after reading DUCK! and I luv’d it too….*sigh* Great stuff!

      Thanks for the crossed fingers, better include your legs, toes and eyes…hahahahahahaha

      Happy Holidays to you darlin!
      luv & hugs, jo

  2. Ro Says:

    I am not comfortable with BDSM, I come from a culture where the tools of BDSM was a bad thing and was the prelude to a slow and painful death. I look for stories that make me laugh, just added KM Mahoney to my funny author’s list.
    Jo, sleeping is your body working to heal itself, so be a good girl and get plenty of rest *g*

    • readmorromance Says:

      I know several readers that are not comfortable with BDSM D/s relationships in their books….and I say that is why the romance genre is sooo wonderful…there is something for everyone….For those who prefer the sex behind closed doors…you can find it….for those who want their sex hot and heavy and frequent…you can find it….if you prefer m/f, m/m, f/f, mfm, etc….you can find it….and if you prefer your romance with faith mixed in….you can find it!

      I LUV THE ROMANCE GENRE! and will NEVER, EVER stop reading it….*grin*

      I promise I am gettin lotsa and lotsa rest…..and still having the cravings for popsicles….so I keep plenty of those in stock..hahahaha

      Thanks Ro! for all the support…

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