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Its Good to be Home!

February 26, 2012

Sorry, my blog kinda lapsed but Hey! I was in a coma…..hahahahahaha  What a great excuse!

Anyway,  I missed ya’ll somethin fierce and it is great to be back.   Picture it, I am sittin in my rocker/recliner with book in hand(s) and a big ole smile on my face. *grin*  I have been readin like a fiend the last week.  Trying to catch up…hahahahahahahaha  Now, that’s funny! *grin*

Read some good stuff in the last week…keep in mind I am behind with book shoppin so some of these maybe “oldies” for ya’ll.  Hope someone gets a recommend outta this *grin*

So, I have read….A Table for Three by Lainey Reese from Samhain Publishing–this is a menage story m/f/m where the men dont touch each other.  I liked the story although the first half felt like I was rereading Annmarie McKenna’s Blackmailed (a favorite for me and one I have reread ALOT).  I had a discussion on one of my groups about the similarities in the books and if this was fairly common in the menage genre as I dont read alot of it and was told that menage is pretty formulatic but the plot should be the authors own.  Since discovering m/m romance I read mostly all m/m with exception to my fave m/f authors. *grin*   Also, read  Burning Bright by RachelWilder & A.CatherineNoon from Samhain Publishing–this is an m/m paranormal romance and a GREAT read!  I luv’d it!  Hope there are more books from this world.   Sasha is a great character who takes “a lickin and keeps on tickin”  Neal and Steve, his luv interests and cat shifters, are former Marines who are exactly as you would imagine soldier cat shifters to be….*sigh*  But, the best thing about this book is the plot….Wow!  things were jumpin from page 1 and really never let up.  I hope, hope, hope there will be more from these soldier shifters….*sigh*    Oh! and I did a reread of  Jill Knowles’ Concubine from LooseId.   I have read this book so many times it is bordering on obsession (No, I havent read it as many times as TA’s Angel) I luv the characters of Kael and Taren.  Kael fascinates me the most.  His internal monologue of what is happening to his life and world is great stuff.  I really need to get this book in paperback….*sigh*  So many books so little time….*grin*  One more and I’ll finish up…hahaha   This is a short book but well worth the read…I liked it so much I went and grabbed a coupla more books by the author and read them.   Escape to Love by Kimberly Hunter from Cobblestone Press.   When we, and Rory, first meet Sebastian he is broken and bleeding from the abuse of his ex-lover.  Rory is instantly smitten and so are we…*grin*   This was a great little read.   Okay…….now with that said….

I have also done some rereading….when I get home from that place…I want comfort reads….I fell back on, so to speak, the m/m romances between brothers…Yes, I admit to being titillated by twins in love or brothers in love but squicked out at the thought of a brother and sister together (maybe because they can procreate *shiver* who knows)….What can I say….I never claimed to be consistent.  I have been reading ’round the community that PayPal has taken a stand on “brotherly love” and is “ordering” publishers and booksellers to remove these books from their sites or PayPal will take a hike.  Is this cencorship?  I dont know….and I dont wanna get into a preaching discussion but I hafta say I resent anyone trying to DICTATE what I may or may not read….it reeks of something…what the proper word for it is I dont know but it sure does reek of it!  I understand that people are morally and mentally offended by some types of writing….there is one that pushes my buttons but others read it and enjoy it.  I am fine with that.  But, I ask in return that you let me read what I want without your 2 cents.

With that said here is a list of books that are “brotherly love” and very well and tastefully done.   If you are interested in any of these you had better hurry and get your copies as it seems they are about to become extinct.

Broken  (at ARe and TEB)      I LUV THIS ONE!
Torn (I think this is outta print)    Sage Whistler
Taboo    Willa Okati     (Torquere Books)
Center      [mmm]
Braided     Sean Michael   (Torquere Books)     [mmm]
Stepping Stones
Cops and Robby  (in the Hard for the Money anthology)    Carol Lynne (Torquere Books)    [mmm]
Bullriders     Lorne Rodman   (Torquere Books)   [mmm]  (THIS ONE IS FAVE TOO)
Unbreakable Bonds series
Bk1) Brothers Without Borders
Bk2) Sterling Gold           Leiland Dale   (Silver Publishing)
Security    Mike Shade   (Torquere Books)     I LUV THIS ONE!
Gemini    Chris Owen   (Torquere Books)
Toybox:Twins   anthology–Sean Michael, Chris Owen & BA Tortuga  (Torquere Books)
DNA:Double Helix   Jaye Valentine  (short read)    (ARe)
Tinseltown Blues series (both short reads)
Bk1)  All That Glitters     Acer Adamson (aka Jaye Valentine)   (ARe)
Bk2)  Hot Like Me!             ”           ”                      ”                  (ARe)
Mackenzie Twins series  (fairly short read)
Bk1)  Tempestuous Relations
Bk2)  Tempestuous Revelation    Amanda Young     (ARe)
Jade Buchanan has a horse shifter trilogy with brothers  Horsfall (at ARe) but if I remember correctly the brothers dont “touch” so to speak….
If I missed any please feel free to comment and leave title, author and publisher…..
Okay!  I have probably offended enough peeps for today!   Just try to keep in mind that diversity is a beautiful thing and if we were all eactly alike in our reading tastes there would be no need for books…..and wouldn’t the world be a cold and lonely place without books.
Hugs to all my darlins,
the jo