Well gang I have been in a depressed funk for awhile now….I know, I know, jo and depressed just dont fit in the same sentence but there you have it.   When I feel this way I want rereads or comfort reads.  You know the kind I mean….where ya dont hafta think or worry if the get their HEA…you already know.  The characters that you adore and would like to know in-person.   Those kinda books.   They aren’t always feel good books…sometimes they are suspense/thrillers or have vamps, weres, bad guys….but you still know they are gonna get theirs and everything will be perfect when you turn the last page.

So, I thought I would share some of my fave re-reads with y’all.  You lucky peeps you! *grin*

Okay, #1 everybody who knows me already knows what it is….dat’s right…..Angel’s Evolution by TA Chase.  The best book ever written.  I luv Angel.  Most of all I want to be like Angel…..strong and brave and kind….even with all he has been through.  *sigh*  I luv this book!

#2 Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen.  My first scifi mm romance and boy was I hooked from then on.  If you haven’t read this because you dont like scifi…you are cheating yourself out of a great read……Trust me…..Read it!

#3 Anything by Willa Okati.  All I can say is WOW!

#4 Concubine by Jill Knowles.  Another scifi-ish paranormal with great main characters.  I have read this one so much I can quote from it……Well, that’s true for my top 5 re-reads…*grin*   This book has dubious consent and BDSM elements but it is very well written.

#5 Crossroads (all 4 books) by Keta Diablo.    This is one of my favorite suspense/thrillers with paranormal elements.  Again, there is some BDSM but it is also well written.  The dubious consent scene is very intense and not for the squeamish but, again, well written.

Now, other comfort reads are Change of Heart by Mary Calmes, the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles.  The Geography of Murder and The LA series by PA Brown (great, great crime fiction with romance).   Anything by ZA Maxfield, Ethan Day, RJ Scott, Hank Edwards, Bobby Michaels (RIP), Jessica Freely, C Zampa, Jambrea Jo Jones (even the ones with girlie bits *grin*) SJ Frost, Z Allora, Ariel Tachna (her vamps &wizards series is FANtastic), Lynn Lorenz, Stormy Glenn, Gabrielle Evans, Lynn Hagen, JM Snyder (Scarred is a great read) and too many others to name them all it would take all night and tomorrow too….*grin*  Probably why I dont sleep much….hahahahahaha

Now, tell me what are your comfort reads….what would you recommend as soon as you are asked without having to think about it?

Have a great weekend….it is almost here!

Big hugs to all!!!


35 Responses to “Re-Reading!”

  1. nancyg5997 Says:

    Hey, jo – when I’m depressed, I need HEA’s too. They can be paranormal, contemporary, cowboys, shifters, vamps. I spent the last weekend rereading all of Viv Arend’s Granite Lake Wolves books, and now I’m working my way through my Viola Grace books (all 167 of them) Already went through all my TA Chase books before I did Viv’s. Yeah it has been a long streak for me this time, and I plan on spending my three day weekend submerged in reading.

  2. jambrea Says:

    Well…thank you for even liking the girly bit books. lol My comfort reads are anything by TA Chase, Amber Kell, Carol Lynne and JL Langley. Also Abigail Roux. LOVE her Cut and Run series. LOVE it. I re read that ALL the time and can’t wait for the next one. Little Jamie by Sean Micheal is on my favorite self on my kindle along with Twisted Rose by Amber Kell, Mannies Incorporated by Sean Micheal and Taxes and Tardis by NR Walker!

    • readmorromance Says:

      I luv Amber Kell and Twisted Rose is a great one. I have the Cut and Run books up to Bk4 but I haven’t read them yet. I thought I had read Bk1 but not yet….Guess I know what is up next to read…*grin*

    • Kylia Says:

      I love Twisted Rose, too. Actually, Amber Kell has quite a few I’ve liked. Cut and RUn is another one of those series that I haven;t gotten around to reading (which is weird because I have both ebook and audiobook versions).

  3. jambrea Says:

    OH!!! Forgot Zam’s Drawn Together and Crossing Boarders those are two I re read a lot as well. 🙂

  4. Kylia Says:

    Oh my…my TBR list is *so* very, very long (it’s embarrassing really), and while I “buy” new books on an almost weekly basis I know part of my problem is that I tend to re-read stuff *a lot*. I still haven’t read Angel’s Evolution or Surrender Love (they’re both on that TBR list), but I love the Change of Heart series (well anything by Mary Calmes really.) The Warder series, too.

    I’m currently re-reading The Lady Blue Crew series by Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen (and I was re-reading Wolf Creek Pack by Stormy Glenn before I was side-tracked by Lady Blue Crew).

    JL Langley’s With or Without series (another one I recently re-read), and her Tin Star series as well as Sci-Regency.

    RJ Scott’s Heart of Texas series (I haven’t read anything of RJ Scott’s that I didn’t like–though that could be said about all of the authors I’ve mentioned).

    Stormy’s “Blaecleah Brother’s”, Gabrielle Evans “Lawful Disorder” and Marie Sexton’s “Coda series”.

    Though they’re more of a “continuing story” than a HEA, I *really* love both PsyCop by Jordan Castillo Price (6 books) and the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling (6 books),

    I should probably stop there…

  5. Jackie McKenzie Says:

    Jo, I would have to say that my most fave, HEA, go-to re-read has to be Mary Calmes Matter of Time series. Jory and Sam just make me happy, through all their highs and lows, the ending just makes me all warm and slushy inside *sigh*. So there ya go hun and keep blogging!!!!

    • readmorromance Says:

      I have those books but I must admit I have not read them yet….the almighty Mount TBR is gonna tumble on my head one of these days….I will move them up to read. Mary Calmes’ books are always so good. Have you read Mine by her yet? Wow! powerful stuff!!!

      • Jackie McKenzie Says:

        Mine was an excellent read!!! I have yet to read anything I didn’t like from Mary Calmes. I even bought the Warder series in paperback, and I don’t EVER buy paperbacks. The Timing series is amazing also, I just wish there were a few more books to it, I was not done with Stefan and Rand but I guess Mary was, lol.

  6. jambrea Says:

    I forgot Marie Sexton’s Strawberries for Dessert. LOVE to re read that one. *sigh* And…you HAVE to read the Cut and Run series. I already pre ordered the next book and I have them ALL in print and eBook. lol Just know that Abigail switched publishers. The first ones are at Dreamspinner, but the newest one (Stars and Strips) and the pre order one (Touch & Geaux) are at Riptide! 🙂

  7. jambrea Says:

    Jackie – They probably don’t in the next book… I forget how many she has said will be in the series. I actually love that it is taking this long and they get to really develop. lol The next one is 7. Hmmm…I’m thinking there might be one or two more after that one. I know there was a big arc that was planned from the first book when it was being co-written. I guess we’ll have to see. Stars and Strips is my ALL time favorite so far. lol

    • Jackie McKenzie Says:

      I get that, but man these 2 just seem to deserve a break. They finally BOTH say those 3 scary words, they make some huge gestures to each other and now another hurdle. Would be great for them to have a little stress free time.

  8. jambrea Says:

    I asked her on FB how many more we could expect. And I agree…the need a break. lol

    Jo..Book 6 just came out not too long ago. Book 7 is the pre-order one. So you’re only missing 2. 🙂

  9. seawitchreviews Says:

    My favorite book. The Secret by Julie Garwood.

  10. jambrea Says:

    It’s not letting me reply under the comment for some reason. lol As you read it Jo, you’ll understand. It totally works and it’s worth it once you get to Stars and Stripes. lol

    • Jackie McKenzie Says:

      It really is a wonderful series!!!! You will love it. 2 very damaged men who heal one another, but can never seem to get it right, lol. Ty wears some of the funniest shirts and I bet they could make a small fortune selling those shirts. Zane is a total smartass. I fell in love with them in book one and I can’t wait to read the next one. I just have to believe that they will eventually sort it out.

    • readmorromance Says:

      thanks y’all….so I just gotta get 2 books….well, 3….*grin*

  11. flchen1 Says:

    LOL, Jo! You crack me up! 🙂 As you know, I don’t read many books without girly bits, but if you haven’t read Katie Porter’s Came Upon a Midnight Clear, you might want to check it out. That one is m/m. All the other titles they’ve written together (Katie = Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown) are incredibly hot too…

    As for comfort reads, let me see…some of the recent-ish ones Kleypas’s Devil in Winter, Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels, Quinn’s To Sir Phillip With Love and The Duke and I, SEP’s Ain’t She Sweet, Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady, just about anything by Shelly Laurenston, Sarah Mayberry’s Anything for You and Can’t Get Enough…

    I think a common theme is humor, so I really love it when an author can make me smile or laugh as I’m reading 🙂

    • readmorromance Says:

      I haven’t read the Katie Porter book…I’ll check it out. I read girlie bits books too….there are several series I follow…like the Anita Blake books, uhmmm…..Gena Showalter’s series, Shayla Black, Lora Leigh….Lauren Dane…..

  12. jambrea Says:

    Okay–there are 9 Cut and Run books planned. Book 7 comes out here in a couple months so there will be at least 2 more books in the series. WOOHOO! 🙂

  13. C. Zampa Says:

    Oh…I was honored to see my name on there. I’m like you, Jo. I love to read my comfort books when I’m down. I don’t know why…or, yes, I do…my STILL all-time one to turn to is Z.A. Maxfield’s “Notturno”. It’s the gorgeous Italian vampire, I guess. Who knows?

    ***Big Hugs*** to you, sweetie. Love you.

  14. Perpetua Says:

    Ohh confort reads I love them! Ok so this is not my ususal but I reread The Host by Stephanie Meyer (yes I know I know its so angsty teen) when I was something fimilar and one I can sink my teeth into and that I know has a good ending. So yes I do actually read somthing other than mm!! Now for hot man on man comfort reads I read A Matrer of Time by Mary Calmes and the Cut and Run series that Jambie is talking abou. I can not believe that you have not read these yet they are omg amazing! I actually have the first Matter of Time in all formats ebook, paperback and I just got it in audio today.

    Oh oh Bear Otter and the Kid which I also have in all formats!

    • readmorromance Says:

      Actually, you were the one that recommended A Matter of Time to me and I got ’em right away and somehow I haven’t read them yet…I have moved them and Cut & Run series up to the top of the TBR list….thanks for commenting Perp darlin I have missed you…. big hug, jo

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