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Not a very good blogger…..

December 12, 2013

I guess I just wasn’t meant to blog….I never remember to do it and I never feel as if I have something worth while to say.  *grin*

Let’s start with the obvious….reading!   I have been reading a lot of Siren books in the mm style *big grin*   Some of my fave Siren authors are Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Gabrielle Evans, Joyee Flynn, Marcy Jacks and Anitra Lynn McLeod.   However, one Siren author I have, pretty recently, discovered and am now devouring her books is Scarlet Hyacinth.   There is no way to describe Ms. Hyacinth’s writing other than to say WoW!   She tackles anything and everything with her books….domestic violence, ménage, mpreg, shifters….the list is endless.  For some of my favorite Scarlet Hyacinth books let’s do a list, shall we?  heehee

Not in any particular order:

Elven Journals – Unseen Paths   (wonderful, wonderful story)

Truth and Deception  (wowee)

The Plot Bunny  (good stuff…fun)

The Spirit Wolves series

Next up to read by Ms. Hyacinth is The Kaldor Saga and Chronicles of the Shifter Directive followed by a lot more…..If you haven’t read Scarlet Hyacinth do yourself a favor and jump in….if you have read her….then please feel free to recommend away what should be read next….*grin*

Thanks for joining me today!  and for patiently waiting for what I hafta say next.  hahaha

Oh, and just a special announcement for myself:  My wonderful 91 year old Mother bought me the most fantastic and appropriate early Christmas gift….She got me a pb copy of my all-time favorite book, Angel’s Evolution by TA Chase.  Wow!  Can you believe it….I, actually, have a pb copy of this GREAT book in my hot lil’ hands.  I am one happy reader.    If you have not read Angel’s story….get to it…it is a beautiful story.  You will cry, laugh, rant and rave over this book!   Such a perfect blend of emotions flows throughout the story.  *sigh*  Of course, my pb copy will have a display place of honor and will never be read…..cannot hurt that beautiful cover.  I will, however, continue to reread the ebook every Sunday…..*big grin*  and this will come as no surprise to those who know me.

Thanks for tunin’ in…..big hugs to all,  jo