Hangin in, hangin out and hangin on….by a thread

August 23, 2014

Well, my best friend in the whole world said a final goodbye to us, her family on August 4, 2014.  My Mom is greatly missed.  I have days where it all of the sudden hits me…she is not coming back and I feel my heart stutter and I cannot catch my breath.  How will I go on without her?  The house is too quiet and lonely with her gone.

I want to take a moment to let y’all in on a secret….at least it was unknown to me until right before July 7, 2014.

To begin, just before July4th weekend my 91 year old Mom took a fall in the kitchen.  No cuts, sores or obvious bone deformities…nothing out of the ordinary.  By the weekend her legs were so swollen and red and the heat coming off of them was hot enough to fry an egg on….no foolin.   Monday, July 7th, we (my 2nd best friend and ex-husband and that is another story for another time)called an ambulance to transport Leta (aka Mom) to the ER, as by this point she could not walk.  I just knew her leg(s) were broken or fractured.  She was admitted to the hospital that evening with the diagnosis of Cellulitis Infection (what the heck is that? I wondered).  Little did I know this infection could and would kill.

They began treating her with IV antibiotic of clindamycin (sp) the strongest bacterial antibiotic there is.  WOW!  also, they gave her (every 4 hours) Morphine for the pain.  I have never witnessed anyone in that much pain.  Not even the 10 years running calls with the fire department did I ever see anyone in that much pain.  All this from cellulitis?  Oh, how little I didn’t know.  She began to feel slightly better and ate a couple of meals, this is where the strong antibiotic kicked her arse.  It gave her diarrhea so bad that when they were cleaning her up from one “accident” the next one started.  It was awful.  Needless to say this went on for 24 hours.  After this, finally, let up she quit eating.  She would not eat again.  She would drink water but that was it.  Also, they were still getting her up and on her feet to use a bedside pottychair…this stopped after she collapsed and went unresponsive on them.  The doctor confined her to the bed until a CT scan could be done to check to see if she had had a stroke during this episode.  She did not.  From that point on she would not eat or get out of the bed…this was July 12th.   July 25th they released her for me to bring her home and with the help of Hospice (thank God for these oustanding people), my sisters and brother we took care of her at home until she passed on August 4th.

People say I am a strong person, never complain when life pulls me down.  I now know just where I get that strength from.  Do you know that up until the day she stopped talking (the day before she left the hospital) she always, always thanked the Nursing staff for all they did.  All the pain they caused turning her, bathing her, helping her to the potty, lifting her legs, etc…she never complained, never said one hateful word to any of the caretakers.  Never!  Wow, I am humbled by my Mother.

I don’t, really, know why I am telling y’all all of this except it feels good to let people know that she was a wonderful person.  Also, please be aware if you have family members with poor circulation or who are overweight that Cellulitis Infection is out there and is extremely serious.  You may have know obvious wounds or breaks, after a fall or accident, but don’t be afraid to get checked out anyway.  Your vigilance may save someone extreme pain and/or heartbreak.

I don’t know that if I had known about this infection and all it’s possibilities that it would have saved my Mother’s life.  I cannot say that with any certainty.  I can only wish that I had made her go to the hospital sooner and who knows…maybe…But, that is all hindsight and second guessing and will get me nowhere in the grieving process.

Just know that Leta A Brown, 91 years young, was a wonderful, loving, caring person and the best friend I will ever know.  I miss you Mom…..alot!

hugs to all,  jo










Not a very good blogger…..

December 12, 2013

I guess I just wasn’t meant to blog….I never remember to do it and I never feel as if I have something worth while to say.  *grin*

Let’s start with the obvious….reading!   I have been reading a lot of Siren books in the mm style *big grin*   Some of my fave Siren authors are Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Gabrielle Evans, Joyee Flynn, Marcy Jacks and Anitra Lynn McLeod.   However, one Siren author I have, pretty recently, discovered and am now devouring her books is Scarlet Hyacinth.   There is no way to describe Ms. Hyacinth’s writing other than to say WoW!   She tackles anything and everything with her books….domestic violence, ménage, mpreg, shifters….the list is endless.  For some of my favorite Scarlet Hyacinth books let’s do a list, shall we?  heehee

Not in any particular order:

Elven Journals – Unseen Paths   (wonderful, wonderful story)

Truth and Deception  (wowee)

The Plot Bunny  (good stuff…fun)

The Spirit Wolves series

Next up to read by Ms. Hyacinth is The Kaldor Saga and Chronicles of the Shifter Directive followed by a lot more…..If you haven’t read Scarlet Hyacinth do yourself a favor and jump in….if you have read her….then please feel free to recommend away what should be read next….*grin*

Thanks for joining me today!  and for patiently waiting for what I hafta say next.  hahaha

Oh, and just a special announcement for myself:  My wonderful 91 year old Mother bought me the most fantastic and appropriate early Christmas gift….She got me a pb copy of my all-time favorite book, Angel’s Evolution by TA Chase.  Wow!  Can you believe it….I, actually, have a pb copy of this GREAT book in my hot lil’ hands.  I am one happy reader.    If you have not read Angel’s story….get to it…it is a beautiful story.  You will cry, laugh, rant and rave over this book!   Such a perfect blend of emotions flows throughout the story.  *sigh*  Of course, my pb copy will have a display place of honor and will never be read…..cannot hurt that beautiful cover.  I will, however, continue to reread the ebook every Sunday…..*big grin*  and this will come as no surprise to those who know me.

Thanks for tunin’ in…..big hugs to all,  jo


January 18, 2013

Well gang I have been in a depressed funk for awhile now….I know, I know, jo and depressed just dont fit in the same sentence but there you have it.   When I feel this way I want rereads or comfort reads.  You know the kind I mean….where ya dont hafta think or worry if the get their HEA…you already know.  The characters that you adore and would like to know in-person.   Those kinda books.   They aren’t always feel good books…sometimes they are suspense/thrillers or have vamps, weres, bad guys….but you still know they are gonna get theirs and everything will be perfect when you turn the last page.

So, I thought I would share some of my fave re-reads with y’all.  You lucky peeps you! *grin*

Okay, #1 everybody who knows me already knows what it is….dat’s right…..Angel’s Evolution by TA Chase.  The best book ever written.  I luv Angel.  Most of all I want to be like Angel…..strong and brave and kind….even with all he has been through.  *sigh*  I luv this book!

#2 Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen.  My first scifi mm romance and boy was I hooked from then on.  If you haven’t read this because you dont like scifi…you are cheating yourself out of a great read……Trust me…..Read it!

#3 Anything by Willa Okati.  All I can say is WOW!

#4 Concubine by Jill Knowles.  Another scifi-ish paranormal with great main characters.  I have read this one so much I can quote from it……Well, that’s true for my top 5 re-reads…*grin*   This book has dubious consent and BDSM elements but it is very well written.

#5 Crossroads (all 4 books) by Keta Diablo.    This is one of my favorite suspense/thrillers with paranormal elements.  Again, there is some BDSM but it is also well written.  The dubious consent scene is very intense and not for the squeamish but, again, well written.

Now, other comfort reads are Change of Heart by Mary Calmes, the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles.  The Geography of Murder and The LA series by PA Brown (great, great crime fiction with romance).   Anything by ZA Maxfield, Ethan Day, RJ Scott, Hank Edwards, Bobby Michaels (RIP), Jessica Freely, C Zampa, Jambrea Jo Jones (even the ones with girlie bits *grin*) SJ Frost, Z Allora, Ariel Tachna (her vamps &wizards series is FANtastic), Lynn Lorenz, Stormy Glenn, Gabrielle Evans, Lynn Hagen, JM Snyder (Scarred is a great read) and too many others to name them all it would take all night and tomorrow too….*grin*  Probably why I dont sleep much….hahahahahaha

Now, tell me what are your comfort reads….what would you recommend as soon as you are asked without having to think about it?

Have a great weekend….it is almost here!

Big hugs to all!!!

Again, I let my blog lapse…..

January 5, 2013

I just can’t seem to stay up-to-date on anything lately.   With all the “drama” in my life personal, healthwise, etc I stay tired…..Stress the great depresser! *grin*

OKAY! Enuff of real-life lets talk books.   I have been reading quite a bit.  MM romance, as always, with some menage thrown in to the mix.  That’s menage in lotsa combos…..mmm, mmf, mfm, mfmm, mfmmm, mmmmmmmm, etc.

So, ready to get to the recommends…..Well okkkkaaayyyy…..and here we go:

First up,  Riding With Heaven by LC Chase from Loose ID —  I luv’d this book.  I have a major thang for suspense/thriller/mystery and this one hit the spot.   The character of  Lucas Briscoe is to die for, perhaps literally….hmmmmm.  He is gorgeous with a wicked sense of humor.   On the other hand Evan McGrath is a little uptight but then again he may be ride sharing with a serial killer.    Luv’d this book!  I admit I figured out who was who and what was what very quickly into the book but it didn’t take away from the story…..you still find yourself creeped out for Evan’s sake…*grin*  Read it! Enjoy it!

Next, we have,  Something for Santa by AKM Miles from Silver Publishing.  This was a re-read for me because I adore the storyline and the characters and the setting….just everything about it!  Derek Campbell and Max Martin make a quick connection but I luv love at first sight…and Michael steals the book.  What an adorable little boy.   The plotline of Max suffering from intense migraines was well written and researched.  As an almost lifelong sufferer of “main headaches” (as Michael calls them) I know what it’s like to feel as if your head is being squeezed in a vice.   I was pretty sure I would luv this book as I adore AKM Miles and everything she writes.    Getcha a copy…it has love, romance, drama, angst w/a smattering of suspense and lots and lotsa feel good moments.

Also read….The Long Con by Lori Toland from Loose ID.   I really liked this book.  The big bad mob guy who likes to be dominated was a great idea….and  Tony Terranova, Jr was a fantastic character (I did keep picturing Ken Wahl, as Vinnie Terranova, from Wiseguy…1980s and 1990s tv show..they even share the same last name…hmmmmm).  I liked the idea that Nathaniel Bradley was British so that these two would not have “run” into each other if it weren’t for Nathaniel’s latest assignment.   Give this one a try.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Last one for this post:   Dealing With the Dead, Bk1 in the Thompson Agency series by Toni Griffin from Silver Publishing.     A good read!  Jayden Thompson is a powerful necromancer and just what Noah Michaels needs in more ways than one. *grin*  Jayden recognizes Noah as his mate and then we are off and running….This is a paranormal book with twists and romance and leaves you wanting book 2…*grin*

Oh, and I have been catchin up on some of my fave authors….Stormy Glenn, Amber Kell, Joyee Flynn, Lynn Hagen, Gabrielle Evans and the list goes on.   My TBR list/pile is overwhelming but that is WONDERFUL!!!

I hope everyone had happy, healthy and safe holidays!   What have y’all been readin?  Any recommends?

Have a great weekend everyone!

hugs from,   jo

Its Good to be Home!

February 26, 2012

Sorry, my blog kinda lapsed but Hey! I was in a coma…..hahahahahaha  What a great excuse!

Anyway,  I missed ya’ll somethin fierce and it is great to be back.   Picture it, I am sittin in my rocker/recliner with book in hand(s) and a big ole smile on my face. *grin*  I have been readin like a fiend the last week.  Trying to catch up…hahahahahahahaha  Now, that’s funny! *grin*

Read some good stuff in the last week…keep in mind I am behind with book shoppin so some of these maybe “oldies” for ya’ll.  Hope someone gets a recommend outta this *grin*

So, I have read….A Table for Three by Lainey Reese from Samhain Publishing–this is a menage story m/f/m where the men dont touch each other.  I liked the story although the first half felt like I was rereading Annmarie McKenna’s Blackmailed (a favorite for me and one I have reread ALOT).  I had a discussion on one of my groups about the similarities in the books and if this was fairly common in the menage genre as I dont read alot of it and was told that menage is pretty formulatic but the plot should be the authors own.  Since discovering m/m romance I read mostly all m/m with exception to my fave m/f authors. *grin*   Also, read  Burning Bright by RachelWilder & A.CatherineNoon from Samhain Publishing–this is an m/m paranormal romance and a GREAT read!  I luv’d it!  Hope there are more books from this world.   Sasha is a great character who takes “a lickin and keeps on tickin”  Neal and Steve, his luv interests and cat shifters, are former Marines who are exactly as you would imagine soldier cat shifters to be….*sigh*  But, the best thing about this book is the plot….Wow!  things were jumpin from page 1 and really never let up.  I hope, hope, hope there will be more from these soldier shifters….*sigh*    Oh! and I did a reread of  Jill Knowles’ Concubine from LooseId.   I have read this book so many times it is bordering on obsession (No, I havent read it as many times as TA’s Angel) I luv the characters of Kael and Taren.  Kael fascinates me the most.  His internal monologue of what is happening to his life and world is great stuff.  I really need to get this book in paperback….*sigh*  So many books so little time….*grin*  One more and I’ll finish up…hahaha   This is a short book but well worth the read…I liked it so much I went and grabbed a coupla more books by the author and read them.   Escape to Love by Kimberly Hunter from Cobblestone Press.   When we, and Rory, first meet Sebastian he is broken and bleeding from the abuse of his ex-lover.  Rory is instantly smitten and so are we…*grin*   This was a great little read.   Okay…….now with that said….

I have also done some rereading….when I get home from that place…I want comfort reads….I fell back on, so to speak, the m/m romances between brothers…Yes, I admit to being titillated by twins in love or brothers in love but squicked out at the thought of a brother and sister together (maybe because they can procreate *shiver* who knows)….What can I say….I never claimed to be consistent.  I have been reading ’round the community that PayPal has taken a stand on “brotherly love” and is “ordering” publishers and booksellers to remove these books from their sites or PayPal will take a hike.  Is this cencorship?  I dont know….and I dont wanna get into a preaching discussion but I hafta say I resent anyone trying to DICTATE what I may or may not read….it reeks of something…what the proper word for it is I dont know but it sure does reek of it!  I understand that people are morally and mentally offended by some types of writing….there is one that pushes my buttons but others read it and enjoy it.  I am fine with that.  But, I ask in return that you let me read what I want without your 2 cents.

With that said here is a list of books that are “brotherly love” and very well and tastefully done.   If you are interested in any of these you had better hurry and get your copies as it seems they are about to become extinct.

Broken  (at ARe and TEB)      I LUV THIS ONE!
Torn (I think this is outta print)    Sage Whistler
Taboo    Willa Okati     (Torquere Books)
Center      [mmm]
Braided     Sean Michael   (Torquere Books)     [mmm]
Stepping Stones
Cops and Robby  (in the Hard for the Money anthology)    Carol Lynne (Torquere Books)    [mmm]
Bullriders     Lorne Rodman   (Torquere Books)   [mmm]  (THIS ONE IS FAVE TOO)
Unbreakable Bonds series
Bk1) Brothers Without Borders
Bk2) Sterling Gold           Leiland Dale   (Silver Publishing)
Security    Mike Shade   (Torquere Books)     I LUV THIS ONE!
Gemini    Chris Owen   (Torquere Books)
Toybox:Twins   anthology–Sean Michael, Chris Owen & BA Tortuga  (Torquere Books)
DNA:Double Helix   Jaye Valentine  (short read)    (ARe)
Tinseltown Blues series (both short reads)
Bk1)  All That Glitters     Acer Adamson (aka Jaye Valentine)   (ARe)
Bk2)  Hot Like Me!             ”           ”                      ”                  (ARe)
Mackenzie Twins series  (fairly short read)
Bk1)  Tempestuous Relations
Bk2)  Tempestuous Revelation    Amanda Young     (ARe)
Jade Buchanan has a horse shifter trilogy with brothers  Horsfall (at ARe) but if I remember correctly the brothers dont “touch” so to speak….
If I missed any please feel free to comment and leave title, author and publisher…..
Okay!  I have probably offended enough peeps for today!   Just try to keep in mind that diversity is a beautiful thing and if we were all eactly alike in our reading tastes there would be no need for books…..and wouldn’t the world be a cold and lonely place without books.
Hugs to all my darlins,
the jo

Memorial Fund for firefighter killed in line of duty

December 10, 2011

Hiyah gang!

I want to take just a moment of your time to ask, if you are able, to consider donating to the memorial fund for Joey King.  He was a member of the Davis Creek Vol Fire Dept and was killed in the line of duty last weekend.  I am an ex-firefighter and current board member for this department.      The unexpected death has caused quite a hardship for the family.  The department is doing all that it can for them, however, help would be gratefully appreciated.

Please send any donations for the family  or sympathy cards (for the family or the guys on the dept) to the following address:

Joe King Memorial Fund

Davis Creek-Ruthdale Vol Fire Department

1970 Oakhurst Drive

SoCharleston, WV  25309

Thank you! and thanks for your time.

hugs,    jo

Books I have read recently that left me feelin good!

December 7, 2011

I have been doin alotta rereadin….even though my TBR pile/list is 20 million miles high/long….*grin*   So, I decided to start whittling down the pile..HAHA!   Just read  Kim Dare’s DUCK!…luv’d it…made me boohoo somethin fierce but then Kim made it alright.  *grin*  Also, read Binding Santos by Charlie Richards….a demon and a gargoyle mate…it was HAWT! and a good short read…luv’d it! (oh and Perp, no BDSM so you are okay to read it).  Finally, got all the Symbiotic Mates books, that there are so far, read…they were wonderful….luv when Vamps and Weres get together…..sexy!  oh, and Solomon’s Pride Bks 1&2 were dee-lish…Ms Hawkes sure knows how to write bad guys…her bad guy vamps scare the crap outta me whenever they enter the room….Great reads!  and I am now reading Scarlet Hyacinth’s Spirit Wolves books…1&2 read…who doesn’t luv an m/m/m romance and throw in shifters….WOW!     I am a lousy reviewer but you cant go wrong with any of the above reads.  If you haven’t already read them that is!

Okay!  that’s enough for now…..BTW  I am doin fine….hair is cut very short and I have lost some weight…which doesn’t hurt….I just hate the diet program…hahahaha!  Still feelin so tired that I wanna sleep all day but I have been told that is “normal.”  Glad somethin in my life is normal…*snicker, snort*

Next time more reads….and we’ll chat a little more about what I am feelin with all that is goin on!  Betcha cant wait! *grin*  oh well, it helps me by writing it all out….

G’dnight my darlins!

Luv & hugs,   jo

Something I was never expecting

December 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 2:45pm (est)

Hiyha Gang!

I have been spending my days trying to figure out what I would tell ya’ll about here at “my place” *grin*   For the ones that have graced me with deciding to follow me….you poor people you….heehee….I wont go into all that you already know.  Suffice to say I am fighting a battle I never really thought I would ever hafta.  I spend my days with IVS and the porcelain sacrificial bowl….all while losing my hair…..my appetite….and falling asleep at the drop of a hat….which in itself is weird since I have always been, even diagnosed, a chronic inomniac….days and days without sleeping…..so thats weird.

However, today while I was contemplating just what to say here, how to get started…..I received a phone call…and here I may need to give some background so bear with me…..I am married, soon to be divorced, to a man who is a paid Captain of the local  City fire dept and the Chief of a Volunteer FD….for ten plus years I trained and ran calls with the fire dept….until multiple health problems put an end to that….however, I stayed involved by being elected to the Board of Directors as the Secretary/Treasurer and have been doing that for the last 15 plus years.  Now, with that groundwork layed out for you……back to today….

As I said, I was pondering just what I should talk about with ya’ll and not bore you to tears.  I rec’d an early more phone call that started a thinking spiral that I cannot stop…..The Chief called to let me know that one of our firefighters had died in the line of duty Saturday night/Sunday morning.   I was stunned I couldnt say a thing….my mind went blank….finally, I asked who….and when I was told I was again struck speechless and then I began to mutter over and over Oh my God, Oh my God……and then had presence of mind to ask what had happened.  It turns out he fell from a bridge…long story.   After ending that phone call, there have been several during the day (the dept has never had someone killed in the line of duty, not in all its 44 years)……

I begin to think of myself and my “problems” and I became ashamed….life can be taken so quickly and I have been given a chance to fight for mine and all I can do is whine about how tired I am, how I feel like a pin cushion, how I am tired of bleching….blah, blah, blah…..

This man died in a split second of time, no warning, no complaining, no second chance…….

So, I am going to be spending the next few days on the phone making arrangements, making decisions for a man who died with honor and dignity.

I only hope when my time comes I can do the same.

Sorry, for my “first” post to be depressing and sad but this man, and his family,  deserves your thoughts, prayers, etc……

I will try to be more jo like in the next post but this was something I was never expecting.

luv & hugs to all,

the jo

Apparently I have a blog and didna realize it!

November 13, 2011

Now, what would I need or do with a blog.   What would I talk about.  My life consists of home and doc office/hospitals…..and those who know me know all about that already.    My favorite pasttime is reading…..anything with a romance.  I have a particular fondness for m/m romance of every genre….even scifi, which I never thought I would read.

So, here is the question……Should I have a blog?  or should I not?     and if so, what on earth should I blog about?

Questions, questions, questions……any suggestions?

the jo